Invitation Letter

Update your knowledge

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The need for health technologies is constantly increasing due to population growth and changes in demographic structures. Looking at the dynamics of the global market, we know that innovation in science and technology plays an important role in the development of health technologies as a result of the rapid dissemination and commercialization of information. It strives to convert our country from a consuming country to a producing country that meets only 0.8% of the world medical device market, which is over $ 400 billion. R & D, qualified human resources, legal regulations, reimbursement system, health financing, product safety, conformity assessment, brand creation issues are needed for multi-faceted cooperation. We believe that the organizations that analyze current problems, consultations and concrete solution proposals with the participants from the field provide important contributions to the progress of our sector.

We will be pleased to see you in our congress called Updates in Biomedical Engineering where current developments and solutions in Biomedical Engineering will be discussed with participants from the public, universities, and industry.

Organized jointly by Izmir Democracy University and Biomedical Engineers Association, which has members working in all fields of medical device sector, this organization is planned to share scientific, industry-oriented and up-to-date information. The 2nd Congress of Updates in Biomedical Engineering is planned to take place between 16-17 April 2020 with the participation of speakers from the field in the field of R & D, production, reimbursement system, traceability, legal framework, conformity assessment processes, city hospitals and employment.

In this organization, it is expected to provide important outputs in order to make effective policies in the field of medical devices, to produce solutions to existing problems and to set visionary targets for the future. We believe that beneficial outcomes will be revealed to our country and our sector with support of valuable participants.

We expect your contributions  to our congress.

With our best regards,

Biomedupdate Organizing Committee