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Dr. Engin BAYSOY

Izmir Demokrasi University

MRI Compatible Interventional Devices for Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

About the Seminar:

The conventional treatment of cardiac diseases is cardiac open surgery that has high risks such as surgery defects, inflammation, and mortality. On the other hand interventional procedures under x-ray based modalities are not feasible due to the late cancer risk of the ionizing radiation. Nevertheless, unavailability of safe, conspicuous, and affordable devices remains the chief barrier to wider clinical adoption of interventional cardiovascular treatment options under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Therefore, the importance of developing a dedicated MRI compatible and visible intravascular catheter is increased at the present day.

This speech will focus on novel methods to design and manufacture low profile guiding catheter prototypes performed under MRI. The main challenge is to maintain sufficient inner diameter while integrating RF antenna designs into non planar catheter shaft for visualization purpose. Proving of safe and visible MRI compatible catheters will lead realization of many new surgical applications under MRI via guidewires, biopsy needles, atrial or ventricular septal occluders and etc.


About the Speaker:

Engin BAYSOY received his PhD. degree on the topic of “Thin Film Based Semi-Active RF Marker Design for Interventional MRI Devices” in Biomedical Engineering Institute of Boğaziçi University in 2018. Simultaneously, he has been working as a lecturer at Acıbadem University. He received his M.S degree from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Başkent University. His M.S study’s title was “Utilization of Spatial Interpolation and Statistical Estimation on Catheter Based Cardiac Mapping by using MATLAB simulations”. Before his academic studies, he was in charge of various software programs used in hospitals and was also responsible for several imaging modalities (ultrasound, computed tomography, and open MRI) while working for Toshiba Medical Systems Turkey (TMST) as a technical service engineer.