Aydın Akan – Biography

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Aydın AKAN completed his undergraduate education at Uludağ University, Electronics Engineering Department in 1984, and his master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University, Electronics and Communication Program in 1991. He worked on real-time adaptive noise cancellation system for biological signals in his master’s thesis. He started working at Istanbul University in 1988 and started his doctoral studies on signal processing at the University of Pittsburgh in March 1992. As a doctoral thesis research, he worked on “Time-Frequency Analysis with Gabor Expansions” and completed his doctorate education in April 1996. In December 1996, İ.Ü. Electronics Engineering Department has been appointed as Assistant Professor to the Department of Electronics. In November 2000, he received the title of Associate Professor in the Department of Telecommunications, Signal Processing Science, and on May 2, 2001, he was appointed as Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Department, and on October 31, 2006 as a Professor.


On March 20, 2017, he was appointed as a Professor in Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University Biomedical Engineering Department. Until January 31, 2020, he continued his education and research studies as the Head of the Department and the Director of the Biomedical Testing, Calibration Application and Research Center. He is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Izmir University of Economics. Prof. Dr. Aydın Akan continues his academic studies on the application of time frequency analysis and time frequency analysis methods for non-stationary signals to problems in communication and biomedical engineering.


Dr. Aydin FLOWING Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Signal Processing (SP) and Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMB), a senior member of the arms, President of IEEE-EMB Turkey lever and European Signal Processing Association (Eurasip) is a member. Elsevier serves on the Editorial Board of Digital Signal Processing magazine.